Courier Exclusive: Bosse Announces Candidacy

In an exclusive interview with the Courier, the Honorable Lili Bosse has announced her candidacy for the March 2020 City Council Election and her intention to run a grassroots campaign. 

Beverly Hills is Bosse’s hometown and she has served the community in many positions over her lifetime. Bosse tells the Courier that her personal history as the only child of Holocaust survivors created her abiding sense of the importance of community and public service. 

As mayor, Bosse initiated her Beverly Hills Healthy City program to address residential quality of life; transparency and efficiency in government; and a vibrant, successful business sector – healthy people, healthy government, healthy businesses. 

“I’m excited to continue the job I’ve been doing for our city,” Bosse tells the Courier. 

“I believe in positive, inclusive leadership and I believe that our community values my level of preparation, my work ethic and my grasp of the issues facing our city. We’ve achieved many of our goals, but now is the time to stay focused on our future – protecting our neighborhoods, supporting our business sector and constantly improving our city government. We have to be creative and flexible in today’s challenging environment.” 

Bosse adds, “I’m going to campaign and work hard for every vote and I’m looking forward to a healthy, successful future for our beloved Beverly Hills.” 


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