RED CARPET BEAUTY: Beauty: Top Treatments for On and Off the Red Carpet

With the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards airing live this Sunday, Sept. 22nd from the Microsoft Theatre downtown, our city is in an aesthetic flurry trying to make sure everyone looks their best on the red carpet – and at all the proceeding A-list events, parties and dinners leading up to televisions big night. We combed the city to find some of the best places to rejuvenate with the latest treatments and trends whether you want to look thinner, younger, sexier or just ‘flake’ free. Spoiler alert: we found simple earthy ingredients such as salt to be trending along with plain-old relaxation and well-being.

Good things Come in Threes 

One name that always comes up constantly in cosmetic circles – past clients have included everyone from Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman to the Kardashian reality clan – is Dr. Ava Shamban at AVA MD BH who shared with the Courier her one-two-three punch for a picture-perfect red-carpet-ready look for the full body. 

For the “big picture,” Dr. Ava recommends a triple dose of these treatments: EmSculpt, Z Wave and Ballancer Pro Body Trio to give a little instant boost to your bottom line, your belly or thighs. This trifecta, when done in tandem, is the best in body boosting protocol for an important occasion or a big red carpet-reveal. 

1) EmSculpt is a muscle contractor that is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups per session which also can be used as a buttock lifter to offer a sleek physique for a black-tie gown. 

2) Z Wave by Zimmer breaks up adipose tissue and smooths skin surface using a soundwave therapy system of pulse technology to eliminate cellulite and temporarily reduce the appearance of bumps or lumps. 

3) Ballancer pro moves water, metabolic waste, fat, sludge, and unnecessary biproducts in the cells through the lymphatic system eliminating them and the excess fluid and inches. This is achieved by slipping a full-body spacesuit for close to an hour for the treatment, and then you should be able to slip into that form-fitting cocktail dress.

Dynamite Décolleté 

Known as “the master blaster,” this Er:YAG laser that has two complementary energy wavelengths working in tandem with dozens of handheld attachments. It can work for full to fractional laser resurfacing with energy waves entering the layers of dermis using a variable square pulse pattern with micron level precision. The device uses digital ablation and depth indicators to monitor the energy, access, and activity in the layers of dermis for careful, predictable and precise outcomes. 

In laymen’s terms: this treatment promises to tighten and tone the chest, neck, and entire décolleté area by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles or crepiness as well as pigmentation and resurfacing with no downtime. You can head to that event in your low-cut gown with plump, lifted, tightened and smooth skin to show off your best features in a strapless silhouette. 

According to Dr. Ava, “This is our superhero of skin and does the heavy lifting across modalities when looking your best in the shortest time period is the desired outcome. This is the guaranteed homerun with its customizable settings and 20 options for curating a skin plan to reach goals and address all the key and concerns.”

Just Add a Pinch of Salt 

Yes, salt is your new beauty go-to. This signature Sonic Halite Salt Facial has become the number one VIP treatment at 

AVA MD BH. If you think about it, this mirrors the miracle healing properties of The Dead Sea, but we have also been told that salt dehydrates you, so how does this work when you want glowing, camera-ready skin? 

The facial uses medical- grade exfoliating, hydrating and healing with the pressure and power of Halite (aka rock salt) which claims to eliminate pigment problems, fine lines, enlarged pores and age spots along with collagen stimulation using the power of micro powdered organic sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea. 

According to Dr. Ava, “Salt is ultra-healing, alkaline and known for its ability to draw out impurities and prepare the skin cells to best receive topicals. Sea salt is super rich in magnesium, calcium potassium and zinc which are key for cellular functions and balance. And, the salt will help deep clean pores and thwart bacteria that causes summer blemishes and acne breakouts.”

AVA MD BH Treatment Office

Wellness is Key at Waldorf 

Since launching this welcome addition to the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard, The Waldorf Astoria La Prairie spa director, Amanda Raich, believes in a more holistic and relaxing approach to beauty which fits in well with the calming aesthetic in the spa. 

This year, awards season comes just in time for their new wellness menu which offers guests an opportunity to go beyond a traditional spa menu with services such as chakra balancing, cupping, reiki, and a Himalayan salt stone massage. “We wanted to create a safe space for our guests to connect with themselves and have a deep and meaningful experience in a luxurious spa setting,” says Raich. “For the red carpet, it is our belief that you glow from within when you have a balanced and aligned spirit, that, and our La Praire Radiance facial. It’s perfect; we use a 24k gold mask that leaves the skin luminous.”

For guests attending an award show, the spa is operating in high-gear preparing in advance with facials, along with the perfect brows and hair color. According to Raich, “The day before, we get the most requests for nails and for massages to relax ahead of the actual day because it’s a long day. The day of the show, it is all about hair, make-up, and getting red carpet ready. And, while they remain tight-lipped on famous faces in the spa, the brand has a long list of celebrity fans that use their foundations and skincare for the award shows including Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. 

Waldorf La Praire Spa Entrance
Revamped Peninsula Spa

Perfect Pampering at Peninsula 

The Peninsula Beverly Hills has recently completed a revamp of its 4,600 square foot award- winning spa, and celebrity haven, located on the fifth floor next to the roof-top pool. Beverly Hills- based interior design firm Forchielli Glynn was responsible for the new glam look that starts with a Swarovski Crystal pendant fixture at the check-in desk. 

The seven treatment rooms are soothingly illuminated by soft back-lit capiz shell wall panels. Guests can listen to their own music playlists while slipping into a heated robe. “We put great care into embracing the residential charm of The Peninsula Beverly Hills as a haven for our guests,” said Managing Director Offer Nissenbaum. “The new design of the spa, much like our recently refreshed guest rooms, represents quintessential Beverly Hills luxury.” 

Some of the new treatments and amenities include the pink Himalayan salt dry saunas. The salt is activated by the heat, aids in releasing serotonin in the body, which is thought to positively impact digestion, memory, and mood. 

They also offer a hair and makeup studio for getting “red carpet ready” which features an extensive blow out menu of hair- styles, make-up, with manicures and pedicures while you sip Champagne. 

If you have flown from across the country or around the globe, as many of their guests do, try the Subtle Energies Recovering Traveler which is a customized treatment journey for men to aid in balancing and restoring your immunity, muscle strength, and healthy skin. This includes a full- body scrub and detox massage using natural aromatherapy products based on Ayurveda principals, followed by a gentleman essential hydration facial. The aim is empowering one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Yes, they offer a 24K gold age-defying facial for women too, and many other worthy facials, but what has caught the recent attention of seasoned customers is the new MBR Best and Ultimate Liquid Surgery Rejuvenation Facial. This treatment hails from Germany and is not available anywhere on the West Coast except the Peninsula Spa – adding to the allure. Created by leading dermatologists, pharmacists, and plastic surgeons, their products work on a cellular level down to the dermal layer of the skin. 

Alison Kirsten, Spa Director adds, “The secret ingredient is the “liquid surgery” serum. When applied to the face, this “liquid oxygen” allows for rapid cellular rejuvenation decreasing the signs of aging by plumping and stimulating the skin. Our guests love the results, so much so we keep selling out of the products.”

Couples Suite
Peninsula Lobby
Nail Bar

Add Charcoal to Your Scalp 

Yes, your skin must glow on the carpet, but your hair should also be a crowning jewel of your look. Fortunately, Kazumi Morton at Salon Kazumi has you covered. You don’t want a dry, flaky scalp showing up on your black-tie Balmain gown, do you? 

The all-white tranquil Salon Kazumi in Beverly Hills features an exclusive Japanese “Sumi” used on the scalp in the form of a blue-hued bamboo charcoal (which is considered a blessing from the Forrest), paste mask which detoxifies, along with soothing eucalyptus that relaxes, calms, and hydrates the scalp. Outside of Japan, it is only available at her salon. 

“It is very important to exfoliate your scalp to promote healthy hair follicles,” says Kazumi. “Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. People don’t think about their scalp too much but it’s an extension of your face so it’s very important. We exfoliate our face and put toner and moisturizer on it, but we neglect our scalp. This treatment can remove impurities and excess oil which tend to clog the follicles.” 

Follow up at home before a big event with the Yululuka herbal bamboo scalp wash line which is also only sold at Kazumi’s salon in the U.S. This intensive hair treatment might be a tongue- twister, but it will penetrate your scalp with ingredients such as lotus flower extract, rice, and pea proteins and murumuru butter that all sound good enough to eat and will nourish from the inside out. 

Kazumi is also widely known in the beauty industry for color and Hair Lingerie extensions that go virtually undetected since they are made with real hair and she dyes them to blend in perfectly with your mane. It’s no wonder famous clients and red- carpet staples have included Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Stewart, Christina Applegate, and Robert Pattinson.

Kazumi Morton treating a client at her Salon


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