Residents Urged to Get Involved in Urban Forest Management Plan

The trees of Beverly Hills have a message for residents: “Get Involved!” 

The City of Beverly Hills is formulating an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP), a framework for the next two or three decades. Its goal is as lofty as the lush canopy surrounding the Beverly Hills community. Namely, to study the condition of the City’s trees, management practices, policies and ordinances; provide an assessment of whether they are functioning at an optimal level as well as to recommend needed improvement. 

The UFMP will also include a chapter dedicated to examining the severe fire hazard area north of Sunset Blvd. 

The City is asking for input in order to complete the UFMP. Residents are encouraged to take an online survey, available in English and Spanish, which can be accessed at

The City is also holding community meetings so that residents can provide direct feedback. Two meetings have already taken place during which residents gave “productive and insightful feedback,” Beverly Hills spokesperson Keith Sterling tells the Courier. The next meeting is on Nov. 7 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Greystone Mansion. 

For additional information email or call 310-285-2467.


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