Ringo Starr’s ‘Peace and Love’ Sculpture Dedication is Saturday in Beverly Hills

While it’s been over a half-century since the Beatles let the world know that “All You Need Is Love” with their hit song recorded in 1967, the message resonates no less profoundly today. Tomorrow, Beverly Hills resident and onetime drummer for the Beatles Ringo Starr will have his manifestation of “Peace and Love,” namely the hand gesture he adopted in 1969, unveiled in the form of a 1,500- pound polished stainless steel sculpture in Beverly Gardens Park. 

“This donation of ‘Peace and Love’ by Ringo Starr is another reminder of what we stand for, and what we aspire to be,” said Mayor John Mirisch, who will join a throng of City leaders and residents at the park for the Nov. 2 unveiling ceremony. “The City is so proud to accept this beautiful sculpture from a true icon and proud Beverly Hills resident.” 

The eight-foot-tall replica of Starr’s hand displaying the national hand sign for peace is a gift from Starr to the City. Starr and his wife, Barbara Bach, have been Beverly Hills residents since 1992. 

Originally slated to be installed on the grounds of City Hall, the placement of this iconic homage to peace met with some community opposition once it became known that it would be at the corner of Rexford Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. In anticipation of tomorrow’s unveiling, the sculpture is now wrapped in white within a temporary orange enclosure in Beverly Gardens Park between Crescent Drive and Canon Drive. 

The legendary musician, also known as Sir Richard Starkey, is expected to attend the public unveiling along with his wife, Lady Starkey. 

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