Re-established Nate’n Al’s and Gucci Osteria Edge Closer to Opening in Beverly Hills

Two of the most talked about restaurants soon-to-open in Beverly Hills – Nate’n Al’s and Gucci Osteria – went before the Architectural Commission on Wednesday in an effort to finesse some final details. 

Established in 1945 on Beverly Drive, the beloved Nate’n Al Delicatessen will be moving to the former Wolfgang’s Steakhouse space at 443 N. Canon Dr. and re-opening in 2020 with an added “s” in its name. 

“I finally just decided to add the ‘s’ to make it Nate’n Al’s, because it is Nate’n Al’s to everybody I know,” said Shelli Azoff, who 

together with her husband Irving bought the restaurant from the Mendelson family earlier this year. 

At the Nov. 20 meeting, the Commission approved facade modifications with an outdoor dining area, in addition to discussing the business identification sign. Azoff told the Courier she hopes to open the new Nate’n Al’s next June. Further, she is hoping to open in the new location as swiftly as possible after next year closing the original location on Beverly Drive in order for the staff to seamlessly transition. 

“While we are keeping the tradition and what it is, we’re going to also add,” she said. 

“I’m such a believer in the old school and the comfort, but we are also trying to adapt to what people want now.” 

Among those adaptations will be the addition of gluten free and vegan elements to the menu. However, don’t expect the “energetic, comfortable neighborhood feel” to go away – that’s one element the Azoffs are determined to maintain. 

The Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura plans to open in the luxury boutique at 338 N. Rodeo Dr. early next year and will be the second such restaurant for Gucci. The first Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura opened in 2018 in Florence and just received its first Michelin Star for the 2020 Italian Michelin Guide. 

The Commission stopped short of approving Gucci’s request for a revised business identification sign and construction barricade style graphic, instead giving its conditional approval pending Gucci returning to the City’s urban designer, Mark Odell, for final review and approval. 

“I’m not really comfortable with the fact that you constantly change the barricade graphics,” said Architectural Commission Chair Sharon Persovski, who estimated that Gucci had been before the Commission eight times to make a change. “Even if it’s temporary, it will still create an impact.” 

The planned construction barricade will be fuchsia-toned and spotlight the coming Osteria. 

“It’s attention grabbing,” opined Architectural Commission Vice Chair Sheri Hirschfeld. 

Rendering of Nate’n Al’s on Canon Drive.
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