In this uncertain time when resources are scarce and funds needed, it can sometimes feel daunting to find ways to give back to our community. Businesses and residents are mobilizing to support schools, elderly communities, those who are sick, hospitals, and the brave healthcare professionals who are working on the front lines every single day. Of course, the best thing everyone can do is to stay home, stay healthy and wash their hands. But, for those looking to do more, there are many ways to make a difference.


Cedars-Sinai has a variety of funding opportunities to benefit patients and staff who are impacted by COVID-19. Donors can choose to fund areas of greatest need, helping provide critical services in underserved communities. 

The fund to support employees and caregivers provides aid to Cedars-Sinai staff who are facing financial hardship as a result of this pandemic. The fund to support nurses provides the resources to train additional nursing staff. The fund to support operations is dedicated to sustaining the essential areas of the hospital. And the fund to support research and epidemiology is used to speed daring concepts developed in labs to the clinic, where they are translated into innovative, life-saving treatments.!/donation/checkout. 

Additionally, Cedars-Sinai provides guidance to those looking to donate a gift-in-kind such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, gowns, shoe covers, goggles, face shields in new condition.

UCLA Health 

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has created two COVID-19 funds. Gifts made to the Patient Care and Healthcare Provider Protection Fund will help provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and enable immediate response to specific needs resulting from COVID-19. Donations also support procuring more ventilators, which is their highest priority. UCLA has 200 ventilators with an additional 25 on the way. The hospital is still in need of approximately $800,000 to help mitigate the costs. 

The Research and Education fund supports research to combat emerging infectious diseases, infectious disease education for health care providers and the public, exploration of the pathogenesis and transmission of the coronavirus family and the development and scaling up of novel diagnostic tests and therapeutics. 

Additionally, UCLA is seeking in-kind donations of PPE products to protect health care workers on the front lines and patients. For hours, locations, safety requirements, and directions for drop-off, visit 

Children’s Health Fund 

The Children’s Health Fund is a non-profit organization that provides health care to children and families on mobile medical clinics throughout the United States. The organization partners with clinics, schools, and homeless shelters in more than 21 communities across the country. Donations will support increased access to coronavirus screening and testing, as well as provide support to children and families who are facing tremendous economic challenges and lost learning, as well as school administrators struggling to keep learning going.!/donation/checkout.

American Red Cross 

Since all blood drives have been canceled, The American Red Cross and hospitals around the country are facing a severe blood shortage, and healthy individuals are urged by the CDC to donate. Find a location and make an appointment online. 

UCLA Medical Center is also facing a critical blood shortage. To give blood, make an appointment online at 

CDC is supporting blood centers by providing recommendations that will keep donors and staff safe. 

Feed the Frontline LA 

Feed the Frontline LA was launched by Crateful, a high-end catering company turned gourmet food delivery service in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Crateful as well as other local businesses are providing meals for doctors, nurses and medical staff who are sacrificing everything to serve the community. “Our program is preparing healthy and tasty meals. We are using premium products and cooking with turmeric, ginger, everything good for the immune system right now. We are serving food such as chicken, salmon, vegetables, mixed grains, and high-quality pasta to give them good carbohydrates that aren’t as heavy as the regular pasta,” Crateful Co-Founder Emanuele Ponzo told the Courier. 

Beverly Hills Frontline Meals Program 

This grassroots effort to feed local first responders while giving money back to local participating restaurants has raised close to $15,000 since launching April 3. On April 8th, Porta Via provided lunch for 130 police, fire and public works personnel, dinner for 50 police and fire departments’ night shift, and lunch for 40 City workers. Residents can make $25 monetary donations through Venmo or by calling directly to participating restaurants: 

Via Alloro – Venmo @Giacomino-Drago-1 until April 15th or call Cynthia at 310-209-8441 Xi’an – Venmo @Vicky-Mense until April 22nd or call Vicky at 310-275-3345

The Belvedere – Venmo @PBH-TLabhart until April 24th or call Rebecca at 310-975-2767. 

Meal to Heal Beverly Hills 

Buy a meal to help feed Cedars-Sinai workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, donations will help local businesses stay open. Meal to Heal has partnered with Lazy Daisy 424-284-3387, The Palm Restaurant 310-550-8811, Beverly Hills Market and Deli 310-274-2229, Crème de la Crepe 310- 406-4275, Porta Via 310-274-6524 Ext.1, Urth Caffe 310-205-9311, and Gourmando 424-777- 0481. Call to purchase a $15 “Meal to Heal.”

L.A. Animal Services 

L.A. Animal Services (LAAS) operates six animal shelters in the City of Los Angeles, serving approximately 60,000 animals annually and responding to 20,000 emergency calls involving animals or people in danger. The LAAS shelters are closed to the public due to COVID-19, but officers are still bringing lost, injured, orphaned and abandoned animals to the shelters. LAAS animal shelters are at capacity and are asking the community to lend a helping hand by fostering and/or adopting a pet. https://www. 

Additionally, if you would like to donate an animal bed to your local shelter, the link below provides instructions.

Beverly Hills COVID-19 Kindness Task Force 

Monetary donations aren’t the only way to make a contribution during this time. The Beverly Hills COVID-19 Kindness Task Force is comprised of community members helping seniors and the most vulnerable during this time of crisis. Volunteers provide tech support, emotional support, pet care, and deliver food and medicine. Sign up at the link below or by emailing 


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