House of Bijan Partners with AcuShield on Face Protectors

The House of Bijan is partnering with medical face-shield supplier AcuShield to produce 10,000 face protectors. The shields provide complete coverage of the sides of the face, preventing all contact with eyes, mouth and nose, offering a physical barrier from airborne pathogens, infectious airborne droplets, accidental splashes and inadvertent hand-to-face contact. They are made with 100 percent U.S. made materials by the Los Angeles-based AcuShield. 

The House of Bijan is donating the face shields throughout the City of Beverly Hills as well as the City of Los Angeles to first responders and local organizations on the frontlines. 

Nicolas Pakzad Bijan, vice chairman of House of Bijan, told the Courier, “We are trying to help first responders and medical professionals in our community, and wanted to ensure the City of Beverly Hills was not only included, but a top priority. The City of Beverly Hills is a big name, but a small town. Last week, we saw the police department and paramedics helping someone in medical need on Rodeo Drive and were bravely putting themselves in jeopardy getting this person to the hospital while only wearing normal masks. They appeared to need medical equipment. We are a small town and before giving equipment to the City of Los Angeles as a whole, we wanted to ensure we are taking care of our community and own backyard.” 

Bijan added that 1,500 protective face shields are going out next Monday to first responders in the City. The remainder “will be donated to the City of Los Angeles to distribute among medical staff, first responders and people in need.” 


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