The Courier Celebrates 55 Years

This year marks a milestone for the Courier, as we celebrate our 55th anniversary as the voice of Beverly Hills. Looking back at our first issue, published July 22, 1965, the current affairs of that time are the stuff of history books today. The Pat Brown era and the Vietnam War are distant memories. But, certain themes of that time remain. In 1965, Courier founder and publisher March Schwartz noted that the paper’s first responsibility was “full, fair and accurate reportage of events that primarily concern the residents and taxpayers of Beverly Hills.” He added, “Our primary concern is the civic welfare of that chunk of geography within the City limits of Beverly Hills. Our local tax rates, our local schools, our local public services are the things on which we propose to focus our attention.”

Under new ownership for almost one year, today’s Beverly Hills Courier continues to live up to that original mission. It is our goal that half a century from now, readers will look back admiringly on our own coverage of the issues shaping our times. A global pandemic; a shifting business landscape; awe-inspiring real estate projects and opinion-shaping civil unrest occupy much of our attention now. But, we will never lose sight of what Schwartz called “the incomparably pleasant side of living in Beverly Hills.” The blue skies, verdant treetops and iconic views are as central to the allure of Beverly Hills today as they were 55 years ago. Postcards from visitors have given way to postings on Instagram, and Beverly Hills remains a symbol of the California dream. Though a patina of glamour encircles our City, its operations must be covered realistically and soberly, especially during these unique times.

Events and galas are virtual these days. Zoom calls have replaced the morning meeting. Home learning is the new norm. For these reasons – now more than ever – the Courier is proud to connect our readers to the community, to neighboring areas and to each other.

Our 55th anniversary celebration continue. We would like to thank the Courier staff, our readers, advertisers and the City of Beverly Hills for 55 years of loyalty.

Lisa Bloch and John Bendheim

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