Preparedness Takes Center Stage in Beverly Hills

We may be in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, but the City of Beverly Hills is urging residents to be prepared for other types of emergencies. September is National Preparedness Month, designed to encourage Americans to take simple steps now that can help protect life and property in the future.

The City already has a head start in the preparedness arena. In July, it launched “Just in Case, BH” to keep the community informed and well connected in the event of a  natural disaster or other local emergency. Working in collaboration with the City’s Communications, Police and Fire Departments, Just in Case, BH is designed to connect the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Neighborhood Watch programs to create a communication network for residents in all parts of the City.

Councilwoman Lili Bosse, who championed the program, told the Courier, “It is my goal that Beverly Hills is the healthiest City in the world but also is the most prepared City, ready for anything that comes our way. The  ‘Just in Case’ program will ensure that our community stays safe, healthy and thriving.”

As for practical advice, residents should understand that it is important for them to be self-sufficient for at least seven days and up to two weeks. A major disaster could overwhelm emergency and City service resources, delaying attention to those in need for several days.

To get ready, the City recommends the following preparations:

Make A Kit/Gather Supplies–Have supplies at home and kits in your car and at work available. Store a 14-day supply of water, a first aid kit, battery powered flashlight and extra batteries, and a portable cell phone charger. Make sure you have cash, clothing, tennis shoes, extra medications, personal hygiene supplies, important documents, and pet supplies (if necessary) in your supplies.

Make A Plan–Establish a plan for your family and make sure everyone knows what they should do, where to go, or where to meet in case of emergency–and practice your plan!  Out-of-state contact information should be shared with family members so messages can be relayed to loved ones if local communications are not available.

Be Informed–Sign up for the City’s emergency telephone notification system at Sign up for the City’s Facebook, Twitter, and Nixle notifications. Also, during and after an emergency, community members can go to the following locations for information:

City of Beverly Hills Website:

City of Beverly Hills Disaster Hotline: 310-550-4680

Radio: 1500 AM

Cable TV: Channels 10 and 35

Twitter: or



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