Visions in Light: Windows on The Wallis Opens Nov. 19

The City of Beverly Hills and Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts have teamed up with TZ Projects to launch “Visions in Light: Windows on The Wallis.” The drive-by video display art exhibit takes place at The Wallis nightly from 8 to 11 p.m. from Nov. 19-29.

Projected on the windows of The Wallis, “Visions in Light” features nearly 40 established and emerging artists of diverse cultures portraying work meant to inspire joy, wonder and awareness.

“‘Visions in Light: Windows on The Wallis’ is concerned with the power of art and culture to speak for a diverse humanity. The windows serve not only to present the show physically, but to stand metaphorically for seeing beyond one’s own point of view. Art thus becomes a tool for justice and harmony,” said TZ Projects producers Torie Zalben and Liana Weston.

The show is part of the Embrace & Celebrate Culture initiative, a new Citywide inter-Commission collaboration to celebrate diversity and create a greater culture of inclusion, equity and belonging in the City of Beverly Hills. Deborah Frank and Stephanie Vahn of The Arts & Culture Commission and Annette Saleh and Karen Popovich Levyn of the Human Relations Commission are working together to find relevant ways to showcase global arts and cultural art forms, support local artists, arts and service organizations and honor community-based individuals and philanthropists who enrich the communities they serve.

“This is a wonderful venue to commemorate diverse humanity in Beverly Hills,” said Human Relations Commissioner Karen Popovich Levyn.

“‘Visions in Light: Windows on the Wallis’ is the premiere event co-created by a joint Commission collaboration, the Arts and Culture Commission and the Human Relations Commission with TZ Projects. This artistic endeavor presents a montage of emerging and established artists on the windows of The Wallis to embrace and celebrate culture and diversity. We are so privileged to have The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in the heart of Beverly Hills participate in our first Visual Art Program that will be broadcast on the beautiful landmark building. We thank The Wallis and hope this is the first of many joint ventures presenting amazing art and visions of cultural diversity in our City,” Arts & Culture Commissioner Stephanie Vahn told the Courier.

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