Voting Closes Feb. 15 for Doggy Daze Photo Contest

Beverly Hills has no shortage of comely canines, a fact highlighted by the 600 entries in the Doggy Daze photo contest. The contest has attracted entries in categories such as “Best Buddies,” “Creative Canine,” “Good Dog,” “Holiday Hound,” “Pooch in a Park” and “Posh Pooch.” All entrants are now eligible for the ultimate title of “Top Dog,” and all the glory that en-tails. 

The photo contest is but one component of the inaugural “Beverly Hills Doggy Daze 90210” presented by the Beverly Hills Community Services Department. Billing itself as a “reimagined pet extravaganza,” Doggy Daze has also featured vendors, pet adoptions, healthy treat-making tips, veterinarian advice, and more. A photo booth component (separate from the photo contest) allows people to take photos of their dogs or themselves with their dogs and share them online. When the photo booth closes on Feb. 17, a mosaic will be posted with all the pictures from the photo booth. 

The Doggy Daze website will remain up throughout February but voting for Top Dog in the photo contest closes at midnight on Feb. 15. 

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