Beverly Hills CVB Unveils New Campaign Artwork

At its June 30 City Council liaison meeting, the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Marketing Committee unveiled designs for 2021-22 Summer/Fall/Holiday Destination Campaign Creative. The city contracts with the CVB to promote the city’s luxury hotels and amenities to consumers both near and far through online advertising, social media, and outreach with various travel agencies. The marketing campaign is reminiscent of pop art in the 1960’s, featuring a series of vintage city shield designs in 12 different seasonal color pairings. The summer campaign flight headline reads “Far From Ordinary” and will run from July through Sept. 21; for fall, from Sept. 22 through Nov. 14, the slogan reads “Cooler Than Fall.” While the word choice for the holiday campaign has yet to be determined, it will run from Nov. 15 through Dec. 31.

“We’re featuring summer colors and a collage-based background that highlights the various icons that make Beverly Hills what it is,” Julie Wagner, President and CEO of the CVB, said of the summer campaign. “The idea is to remind people that we’re not like everybody else. That, when you come to Beverly Hills, it is truly a different experience.” The summer campaign includes bright shades of yellow, orange, pink and blue, while the fall color scheme showcases the shield logo in burnt oranges and warm teals. The holiday palette includes deep blues, reds, and greens with pops of color. The juxtaposed imagery is quintessential Beverly Hills: Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Hills sign, City Hall, the Beverly Hills Hotel and of course, palm trees. 

Typically, the Beverly Hills trademark city shield logo is either black and white or gold and white. The CVB Committee requested use of the vintage logo with multicolored treatments.

“This is fantastic,” Council Liaison, Vice Mayor Lili Bosse, said. “It is kind of Andy Warholesque, with the Beverly Hills twist. So again, CVB, thank you for being so forward thinking and visionary and you have my, not surprisingly, complete support.”

“We tried to use this with the standard colors but really it just didn’t pop,” Wagner said. “It really took the whole look and feel of the campaign down.”

“I love it,” Bosse said. “The color and the freshness…I love the concept of taking the vintage shield and freshening it up.”

Mayor Robert Wunderlich echoed Bosse’s statements, adding, “It all looks good to me.”

The CVB’s most recent campaign, “As You Wish,” debuted in March of this year and showcased the bespoke services and world-class amenities found in the city through the lens of five pet ambassadors. The campaign underscored ways that the city caters to the needs of today’s global travelers–and their furry companions. 

The Committee will meet again in September to present holiday headlines and provide updates to Council Liaisons. 

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