Beverly Hills Commissioner to Speak at UCLA Seminar

Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner Wendy Nystrom will be speaking at the upcoming UCLA Extension seminar entitled “The Critical Effects of Climate Change on Insurance” on Oct. 26. Nystrom, an expert on environmental risk management and sustainability, will provide an overview of insurance and risk management and how it relates to climate change.

Nystrom, who has a Masters in Earth Sciences from Boston University and a Certificate in Sustainability from UCLA, brings her environmental knowledge to bear on environmental justice, climate change and social justice–and how to communicate those principles to a broader audience.

Nystrom, who was appointed to the Public Works Commission in July 2020, also serves on the Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee and the Community Advisory Committee Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

By its unpredictable nature, climate change has introduced an element of uncertainty into insurance markets. Nystrom will be joined by a panel of insurance and risk management experts discussing current climate conditions (drought, heat, wildfire), and the premise of insurance, risk identification, and management. The panel will also touch on what mitigation factors exist to reduce the severity and frequency of these climate conditions.

The seminar will take place on Oct. 26 from 12-2 p.m. Registration can be found at

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