Spooky Decorations Appear in Beverly Hills

From life-sized horse skeletons to homicidal ghouls behind the wheel of a car, it is the spookiest time of year as Halloween decorations descend on Beverly Hills neighborhoods. Halloween is a week from Sunday and many Beverly Hills residents have taken decorations to a larger-than-life scale.

One resident on Maple Drive has two fake human skeletons the size of giants standing guard with two life-size horse skeletons, a miniature band of banjo-playing skeletons and a decorative graveyard.

A skeleton ghost decoration hovers over a grizzly tableau on a lawn on the 300 block of N. Foothill Road in Beverly Hills. Photo by Carl Robinette
Two life-sized skeleton horse decorations are a spooky stand-out among a host of large and small-scale decorations outside of a home on the 700 block of Maple Dr. Photo by Carl Robinette

On Beverly Drive, eerily illuminated skulls, skeletons and other frightening creatures adorn the home’s exterior.

Some residents have chosen to go to more traditional, with jack-o’-lanterns and spider webs. Others have gotten creative, like the house on Foothill Road that created a grizzly tableau with fake blood, undead characters and a vintage Volvo as the centerpiece.

Skeletons welcome visitors at night to this haunted house on Beverly Drive. Photo courtesy Josh Flagg
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