Beverly Hills Middle School Students Take Part in Science Olympiad

Fourteen students from Beverly Vista Middle School (BVMS) competed virtually in the Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad on Feb. 23. The yearly tournament involves 23 events in the subjects of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, and engineering. The students take academic tests, build models, and go head-to-head in their scientific explorations – all in the name of curiosity and good fun.

Normally, the tournaments are held in person, but this year, students competed using a “Satellite Tournament Model” where teams participate at their own schools under the supervision of their coaches and receive video instructions from the event supervisors. The students were joined by parent coaches and their teacher coach, Alexis Crane, a STEM and science teacher at BVMS.

“Our team overcame the odds as this event was held virtually at BVMS to build a competitive team that competed in all events,” Crane told the Courier. “We look forward to building a culture of academic excellence through programs like this at our school. Go Bulldogs!”

BVMS students will learn on March 5 if they have placed in the competition. In 2020, the BVMS team placed 8th overall in the state competition.

Students from more than 300 schools in Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, and San Diego participate in the Southern California Science Olympiad. The regional tournaments culminate in a national competition that is held at a different university every year. The Science Olympiad is dedicated to improving science education, increasing students’ interest in science, and recognizing outstanding science students and teachers.

“We are extremely proud of our Middle School students for persevering in this national competition remotely from other schools but together as a team at BVMS,” Beverly Hills Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy told the Courier. “Steered by Alexis Crane, our students came together to learn, grow and unleash their fullest potential.”

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