U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Event Taking Place March 30

Members of the 10-state Western Region community who support the efforts of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will come together in a limited capacity in-person event, featuring Northwestern University professor Peter Hayes, or attend via live stream on March 30 at 6 p.m.

The annual “What You Do Matters” Western Region Tribute Event – normally held in Los Angeles attracting up to 1,000 guests in-person, including many Holocaust survivors – will this year feature a special presentation that will tell the story of the destruction of Jewish life in Poland and inter- twine three individual accounts of resilience, hope and determination, including the three families who are being honored with the Museum’s National Leadership Award during the event with Jane Jelenko of Los Angeles, Suzi and Steve Hilton of Phoenix, and the Tramiel Family of Palo Alto.

At the in-person reception, guests will have the opportunity to tour the Museum’s traveling exhibition “Some Were Neighbors: Choice, Human Behavior, and the Holocaust,” which is currently on view only in Poland and Germany.

At this time, the Museum is offering two attendance options: a virtual event or a limited-capacity, in-person gathering at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The “2022 Western Region Tribute Event” is open to the public, but advance registration is required. For more information, visit ushmm.org.

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