Celebrating “High Noon” on its 70th Anniversary

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the iconic American film, “High Noon,” the USC School of Cinematic Arts is hosting a Gary Cooper Retrospective and Exhibition through Sept. 30. The display features Cooper’s two Oscars (including one for “High Noon,” as well as wardrobe and other authentic items from the film (including one for “High Noon,” as well as wardrobe and other authentic items from the film).

On April 22, Cooper’s only child, Maria Cooper Janis was a guest of honor at a dinner at the Wilshire Corridor home of Lyn Rothman, which became a commemoration of the film and the golden age of Hollywood that it represented. In attendance were author and historian, Dr. Amanda Foreman, whose father Carl Foreman was the Associate Producer and Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “High Noon.” Also present were USC School of Cinematic Arts Dean Elizabeth Daley, Jill Schary, daughter of legendary studio head Dore Schary, Michael Feinstein, Terrance

Flannery, Tina Sinatra, Tim Zinnemann, son of “High Noon” director Fred Zinnemann, Katie Edelman Johnson, Tim Mendelson, Co-Trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor Estate, Colonel Gerald York, grandson of the famous Sergeant York Gary Cooper portrayed in his first Oscar-winning role. Additional guests included art dealer Suzanne Zada, Broadway producer Mary Cosette, Don Granger, pro- ducer of the “Mission Impossible” films and Bernie Bubman.

Gary Cooper Exhibit at USC School of Cinematic Arts Photo Courtesy of Digney & Company
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