Social Media Post Triggers BHHS Shelter in Place

Police officers with Beverly Hills and Los Angles police departments responded to reports of an armed individual near Beverly Hills High School on May 19. The report stemmed from a social media post allegedly showing a man with what appeared to be a firearm in the part of Los Angeles adjacent to Beverly Hills. Police later arrested an individual for pointing an airsoft gun at the school and posting a photo on social media. Airsoft guns use compressed air to shoot plastic projectiles.

Police said that the suspect has no known connection to the high school, but did not provide any additional information by press time.

Separately, the Beverly Hills-centered newsletter WatchdogBH erroneously quoted a comment from the social media app Citizen that a security guard was shot. Officers on the scene told the Courier that no shots had been fired. Out of an abundance of caution, the school instituted shelter-in-place protocols, but continued with instruction.

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