The Courier Will Not Endorse In City Council Race

After careful examination and an in-depth discussion, the Beverly Hills Courier’s Advisory Board voted unanimously to “not endorse” any candidates for City Council this election year. The decision was made during last week’s Advisory Board meeting.

The Courier’s mission is to thoroughly inform the community about the news, happenings and events in and around the City of Beverly Hills, while maintaining the highest level of journalistic integrity. To that end, the editorial team has worked diligently to provide the utmost in quality reporting, including every aspect of the candidates’ actions, updates, forums, and positions. The Courier has also provided the candidates with thoughtful, comprehensive questions in writing. Having received their responses, the Courier published these interviews in their entirety in the April 22 and 29 issues. Every piece of information published about these candidates, over the last several months, sits permanently on the Courier’s website.

An integral part of the Courier’s mission is to help engage and unite our community. Of late, with the challenges we face in our city every day, this needs to be a time for healing. The Courier can do just that. Instead of adding to the divisiveness, let’s all become informed. As the “newspaper of record” for Beverly Hills, we have done our part. It is up to you, the voting community, to read the vast information provided in our publication, which is easily accessed at

Lastly, it is that time of year when the Courier negotiates its contract with the City of Beverly Hills. A conflict of interest exists if the Courier were to endorse any candidate for City Council, who will be making decisions for the city about the future relationship with the Beverly Hills Courier.

Let’s acknowledge and respect the feelings of our neighbors. Let’s embrace the freedom we have to become informed. Let’s make our own wise decisions based on the information the Courier provides about the candidates and the future governance of Beverly Hills.  And let’s activate the power we have to vote for the best candidates to serve our wonderful city.

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