Fisher Reelected as Beverly Hills City Treasurer

Beverly Hills voters appeared to deliver a clear victory to incumbent City Treasurer Howard Fisher, who is on track to serve another term with more than 63% of the vote as of press time. Challengers Jake Manaster and Gabrielle Pantera-Rowe trail behind with 27% and 9% of the vote, respectively.

Manaster conceded the race in a post on social media, acknowledging that the results “did not turn out as we had hoped despite doing everything a good solid campaign should do.”

“Incumbencies are unquestionably always a very difficult barrier to overcome,” he added. “No regrets and I remain committed to the volunteerism that has got me this far in life. Onward!”

Addressing the city, Fisher said, “Thank you for entrusting me with another term as the shepherd of the City’s finances as your Treasurer. And I thank everyone who supported me, and all who voted in this election.”