Business with Bosse Visits Nua

Nua Chef Yoav Schverd and Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse at the event on Aug. 8

Shoulder to shoulder, the bustling crowd, packed with residential and business community members, made new friendships and business connections at yet another one of the Mayor’s “Business with Bosse” events. This one took place at Nua, a modern Mediterranean restaurant in the Crescent Hotel, open since April of 2021. Bosse quieted the energetic crowd to welcome Chef Yoav and partner and GM Ronnie Benarie, who shared the origin of Nua’s name of “humble” and “motion” derivation, and the chef’s favorites. With specialty food passed, upbeat music playing, and neighborly fun conversation, it was clear the event was a huge success. The next “Business with Bosse” event will be on Aug. 16 at Euro Caffe.