Fundraiser Will Support BHHS Student’s Cancer Treatment

Beverly Hills High School (BHHS) student Zoe Suder is accustomed to tough opponents on the soccer field, but her latest fight, combating cancer–specifically, osteosarcoma cancer, which starts in the bones–wasn’t one she was prepared for.

Helping her with the challenge, a community fundraiser is taking place next month to support Zoe’s cancer treatment.

“I still can’t believe we have been chosen for this journey, but for whatever reason, Zoe has taken on this challenge like the champion and warrior she is!” Zoe’s mother, Leslie Suder, said in an Instagram post publicizing the upcoming event.

The fundraiser is taking place April 8, from 9 a.m.-noon, at the high school’s soccer stadium. Join the community in Coach Michael Holzer’s Soccer Camp Fundraiser. The cost is $100 per player, with proceeds benefiting Suder’s treatment.

The event is open to anyone ages 6-18.

For additional information, call 213-663- 6486 or visit