Kay Monica Rose Elected as President of Rodeo Drive Committee

Kay Monica Rose remembers the first time she stepped foot on Rodeo Drive after moving from New Orleans to Los Angeles and the sense of magical wonderment that followed.

Now, over three decades later, she is working to preserve and enhance that magic for the next generation of visitors as the newly elected President of the Rodeo Drive Committee (RDC).

Rose brings with her a decade of experience working on the street at the premier luxury automobile management company Auto Vault Beverly Hills and two years of experience serving as committee vice president.

“Something that’s really important to me for my term as president is to lead with empathy and kindness and to work closely with the executive committee,” she said.

Rose has greatly enjoyed being a part of the committee and learning from business owners, city staff and her fellow committee members. During this time, she has played a key role in the planning of many events and is looking forward to continuing to elevate the iconic commercial strip with traditions new and old.

“I aim to ensure the street remains alive and is a compelling experience for residents and visitors of all ages,” Rose told the Courier. “I want to make programs that activate the street and highlight the craftsmanship, the creativity and the exceptional service on the street.”

Rose’s vision aligns well with the Rodeo Drive Committee’s original goals, established in the 1970s when it was co-founded by the legendary “Godfather of Rodeo Drive” Fred Hayman. At the time, Hayman was chairman of the Rodeo Drive Association, a group of determined store owners who sought to establish the street as the fashion and luxury goods capital of America. 

Under the dedicated stewardship of the Rodeo Drive Committee, Rodeo Drive has flourished and become a beacon of elegance and style that attracts shoppers from around the globe.

As President, Kay will soon have the honor of launching “Rodeo Drive Celebrates,” a new program that she and her fellow committee members have been hard at work planning for months.

The program is intended to showcase the range of world-class luxury products on the street through two dedicated weeks in the summer and fall. Events will include collection previews, trunk shows, personalized VIP styling sessions, exclusive product offerings and special in-store meet and greets hosted by businesses.

“Rodeo Drive Celebrates Fashion” is set to dazzle visitors from Aug. 7-13, while “Rodeo Drive Celebrates Timepieces & Fine Jewelry” will take place from Oct. 1-7. 

Rose said the goal of the program is to “recognize the exceptional craftsmanship, creativity and innovation on the street, which has more than 100 of the world’s leading fashion houses and luxury brands.”

She is also looking forward to this year’s Rodeo Drive Holiday Lights Celebration, which is set for Nov. 17 and is themed “Up, up and away.”

“There’s going to be hot air balloons seemingly hovering over piles of sweets and playfully wrapped  gifts,” said Rose, describing the light display.“It’s going to be beautiful.”

When asked what she loves most about being a part of the Rodeo Drive Committee, Rose’s answer was simple: the people.

 “I love the sense of community and the partnership with the city and other partners. It’s definitely not a one-person job,” she said. “The sense of unity and shared purpose among all stakeholders is what makes Rodeo Drive thrive and continue to be the legendary destination it is today.”

As President, she will be working with a talented and experienced executive committee, including returning Vice President Kiersten Dunn, Vice President and former twice-RDC President Kathy Gohari, newly appointed Vice President Chelle Kearney, and returning Treasurer and former RDC President Mark Tronstein. 

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