City Attorney Issues Housing Element Statement

As previously reported by the Courier, a judgment and writ of mandate were entered against the city last month in a housing element case brought by the nonprofit group Californians for Home Ownership. That ruling, which limited the city’s ongoing ability to issue new building permits, was stayed by the city’s prompt appeal. (The full story, entitled “Beverly Hills Appeals Judgment in Housing Element Lawsuit” can be found in the Courier’s Dec. 29 issue.)

City Attorney Laurence Wiener has since issued an additional statement regarding this matter, which follows:

“Our goal has always been and continues to be a certified housing element, as required by state law.

The city has provided comprehensive information to [California’s Department of Housing and Community Development, ‘HCD’] demonstrating our commitment to diverse housing options in Beverly Hills now and in the future.

The city has appealed the trial court’s decision in the case filed by Californians for Home Ownership and therefore the trial court’s judgment, which suspends the city’s ability to issue building permits, has not taken effect.   

The city continues to process projects and issue permits and will be submitting additional information to HCD in the coming weeks. 

We look forward to a swift resolution and obtaining a certified housing element in the near future.”

The Courier will continue to update readers on all matters pertaining to the Housing Element as new facts arise.