Cybertruck Crash Causes Social Media Stir

A Tesla Cybertruck crashed into The Beverly Hills Hotel on March 3 causing a stir on social media and prompting a response from Tesla CEO and prolific X troll Elon Musk, who also owns the platform. 

Details about the incident are sparse, as Beverly Hills Police Department Lt. Andrew Myers on March 7 said an accident report likely won’t be finished until next week, though he confirmed that police responded to a two-vehicle collision in the 9600 block of Sunset Blvd. at approximately 11:46 p.m.  

He said the forthcoming report might have more information about the second vehicle in the collision, which was not featured in the social media posts swirling around the internet.  

Photos and video of the aftermath showed the Cybertruck stalled with half its body above a curb and one of its front tires badly mangled. The truck appears to have crashed just beneath the hotel’s iconic sign. 

The incident went viral after X user @jackdidthatt posted a photo of the truck claiming that a valet had crashed it and asked Musk to provide him a replacement. 

Musk responded to the post claiming the valet was at fault by saying, “Cyberbeast is faster than a Porsche 911, but looks like a truck, so perhaps the valet wasn’t expecting so much acceleration.” 

In a follow up post, @jackdidthatt clarified that he was joking about the valet’s involvement and that the hotel was not at fault. Representatives for the hotel did not respond to requests for comment by press time but successive news reports have quoted Director of Communications Brittany Williams as confirming that an employee was not involved. 

Tesla representatives did not respond to requests for comment.