Steak 48 Sued for Discrimination

Tyler Daniel, a Black former server at a popular Beverly Hills eatery, Steak 48, is suing the establishment for alleged wrongful firing and discrimination following his dismissal from the restaurant last October. In the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed on June 28 against Steak 48, LLC, Daniel alleges discrimination and harassment based on race, whistleblower retaliation and wrongful termination, among other causes of action. He seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Daniel worked at Steak 48 on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills since its official opening in January 2023, according to the lawsuit. During that time, he claims that he was routinely required to work through breaks; was forced to ask permission to use the restroom and denied overtime pay.

The lawsuit states Daniel’s floor manager offered him zero support when he complained about these problems with his working conditions.

According to the lawsuit, Steak 48 would often racially discriminate against Black servers and customers. He claims that a white manager referred to him with a racial slur and that he, alongside other Black employees, was not assigned to serve celebrities or other VIP guests at the restaurant. This prevented them from gaining potentially lucrative tipping opportunities, which were offered to Steak 48’s white servers who would be assigned to serve the high-profile diners, the suit states.

Daniel also alleges that Black customers would often be seated in the least desirable locations of the restaurant, such as at the rear, and that their attire would be scrutinized more harshly than that of white customers when attempting to enter the restaurant.

In November 2023, Daniel spoke to the management on behalf of himself and other Black workers. He was fired that same day, and claims he was denied his final paycheck.

The Courier reached out to Steak 48 for comment, but as of press time has not received a response.

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