City Council Votes to Waive Hotel Room Limit

The City Council unanimously voted to remove the existing new hotel room cap from the Beverly Hills Municipal Code at Tuesday’s formal meeting. 

The ordinance, No. 84-0-1937, was created in 1984 and established regulations for hotel development in the city, including the prohibition of building more than 1,000 new hotel rooms. Today, the city is edging close to the limit that was created 25 years ago. 

There are approximately 2,300 hotel rooms in the city. 

Tuesday’s vote followed the July 25 Planning Commission public hearing where the commission unanimously recommended the draft ordinance removing the 1,000-limit cap move to the City Council for consideration. 

“This does follow the direction that we gave,” Councilman Bob Wunderlich said before the council’s 5-0 vote in support. “We spoke about the old number being arbitrary and changing with the economic times. We always can deal with the number of rooms changing with a conditional use permit. I support this.” 


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