City of Beverly Hills Looks to Improve With Trust and Innovation Portal

In an effort to improve itself, on Tuesday the City of Beverly Hills introduced the Trust & Innovation Portal (TIP) at An online tool designed to encourage residents and employees to share innovative ideas about improving city services and report suspected cases of improper activity in city operations, TIP is intended to improve local governance. 

“TIP enhances trust by safeguarding public monies and resources and holding city officials and employees accountable as stewards,” states the city’s TIP website, which went live on Tuesday. 

In addition to serving as a vehicle to hold city staff accountable, TIP is also intended to encourage residents and employees to share ideas. 

“I think people in the city will really appreciate having this,” Councilman Julian Gold said at the Sept. 17 City Council Meeting. 

The site is managed by the newly created Office of the City Auditor, which is helmed by City Auditor Eduardo Luna. During the hearing, Luna stated that his office would investigate all complaints of improper activities and depending on the nature of the issue could report findings to city management or law enforcement. 

“I really want people to feel that when they reach out to this portal, they’ll be heard,” said Councilwoman Lili Bosse, who underscored the importance of having the office respond to everyone who reaches out. “I think people want to feel like there’s going to be action.” 

Luna said that everyone who reached out would receive a response. 

“My plan is to investigate all complaints of improper activities,” Luna said. In addition to the website, the public can submit tips or ideas by phone at 310-288-2TIP or by emailing 

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