London’s Novikov Restaurant to Come to Beverly Hills

Novikov Restaurant made a splash with its Italian and Pan Asian cuisine when it opened worldwide in destinations such as London and Miami. The eatery now plans to introduce a new location in Beverly Hills at 257 North Cañon Drive. At the Sept. 26 City of Beverly Hills Planning Commission meeting, the commission granted an Open Air Dining permit and Joint Use Parking request for the proposed restaurant with modified conditions of approval regarding parking facilities. The conditions require review of the parking data two years after the new restaurant and outdoor dining area begin operation. (The application originally requested a five-year review.) The five-year expiration still applies to the Open Air Dining permit, but the modified conditions of approval require that after two years of operation, the restaurant submit parking demand data for review by the City’s Community Development Department. 

Beverly Hills Community Development Assistant Planner Chloe Chen spoke with the Courier about the proposed project. She stated that Canon Luxury Buildings, LLC, the owner of a multi-level building located at 257 North Cañon Drive, submitted the request for the Open Air Dining permit. The new Novikov restaurant and associated open air dining areas would be located on both private and public property, within the southern- most portion of the ground floor tenant space in the building. 

Proposed Project Details 

Other occupants of the 257 North Cañon Drive building include Discovery Land Company (third floor); Hilton and Hyland (second floor); and Julien’s Auction in the northern ground tenant space. The new restaurant will reduce the space from 7,689 square feet to 7,013 square feet as a result of recessing the existing glass façade farther away from the sidewalk in order to accommodate open air dining areas along the front of the restaurant. 

Commercial and residential developer Steven Bohbot appeared before the Planning Commission on behalf of the family-owned Canon Luxury Buildings LLC and explained that the corporation already owns the existing building space. Bohbot informed the commission that he is a long-time resident of Beverly Hills and that it is his goal as part owner of the property to provide a space that would generate business and economic growth on Beverly Hills’ restaurant row. He likened the vitality that the new restaurant would bring to that of other venues, such as AVRA Beverly Hills. He also emphasized that the project places high priority on ensuring safe pedestrian usage, especially with the Metro construction taking place in Beverly Hills. The proposed Novikov restaurant would operate between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight daily, with valet parking services offered from 7 a.m. to 11p.m. 

Bohbat provided a sample menu for the Commission, with menu items that included king crab legs and lobster; Black Angus T-Bone and beef rib eye steak; seasonal items such as black truffles, pasta, risotto, soups; and special delicacies such as Novikov Caviar. 

Commission Ruling 

In making its ruling, the commission concluded that the proposed project would not result in adverse impact to surrounding uses. The resolution by the Commission must be finalized before the restaurant can begin operating as a business in its new location. Subsequently, the property owners must record the parking covenant within 90 days of the approval. 

According to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the project was exempt from review because the site is not a new building, but rather an existing property being modified for tenant improvement to a commercial retail space. Currently, the area the restaurant will occupy is vacant and had previously been used as an area for surface parking. 

The stakeholders in the proposed Novikov project anticipate a successful launch of the location. 


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