Beverly Hills’ Iconic Rodeo Drive Businesses In Expansion Mode

Beverly Hills’ “Business Triangle,” situated along Rodeo Drive, is known for its luxury retail stores and for the visitors who come in droves to shop on the iconic street and participate in special events such as BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days) Holidays celebrations. The Beverly Hills Planning Commission and Architectural Commission have spent time reviewing and approving construction projects on Rodeo Drive involving changes to properties, including three high-profile businesses. 

The Courier reviewed the plans for Chanel and Cartier, as well as Bijan, which opened its doors to visitors this October at its new location. 

Bijan Development Plan 

The new Bijan site is located at 443 N. Rodeo Drive across the street from the previous location where it had been since 1976. The re-established Bijan façade design is inspired by Mediterranean architectural treatment in honor of the previous owner, the current proprietor’s father. 

The Architectural Commission approved the façade remodel, business identification signage and awning signage. Overall, the commissioners spoke positively about the new design, recognizing Bijan as an “institution and part of the landscape of the street.”

Chanel Development Plan 

Chanel owners were represented at the Planning Commission by attorney Murray Fischer, who set forth the proposed request for the Development Plan Review. The Chanel, 400-408 N. Rodeo Drive proposed 

project that was approved by the Planning Commission, includes the demolition of two existing three-story commercial buildings and the construction of a new three-story commercial building with rooftop uses, a small surface parking lot, and an alternative parking facility located in a subterranean parking level. The rooftop structure and outdoor terrace area will be used to provide private appointments, small private events for fashion and watches, fine jewelry, press launch events, video shoots, and digital content creation spaces. 

The project site is located within the City’s Business Triangle at the northeast corner of the intersection at N. Rodeo Drive and Brighton Way. An interesting feature of the construction design is that within the subterranean parking level, a total of 25 parking stalls are proposed and 18 of the stalls will have a mechanical lift installed which will allow 36 cars to be parked within the 18 parking stalls.

Cartier Development Plan 

The City of Beverly Hills Planning Commission previously approved a Development Plan Review submitted by Cartier owners’ agent Roy Hasson to allow the owners of Cartier to begin construction of a new three-story commercial building located at 370 N. Rodeo Drive. The Cartier development project will consist of the demolition of the existing two-story structure and the creation of a new three-story commercial building, including an outdoor terrace area on the third floor and a partial basement. The proposal includes a request to participate in the City’s In-lieu Parking Program that allows businesses to pay into a fund for future parking rather than provide all physical parking spaces. 

The Planning Commission determined that construction will not adversely affect existing and anticipated development on the adjacent commercially-zoned properties. Findings indicate that the design plan was “high quality, contemporary architectural style that will enhance the surrounding area” and was considered to be a “harmonious addition that will help to maintain the commercial activity and pedestrian-oriented nature of North Rodeo Drive.” Furthermore, traffic and parking studies did not indicate any significant traffic or parking impacts from the construction that would interfere with residential properties. 

City of Beverly Hills Senior Planner Cindy Gordon explained that no dates have been announced regarding completion of Chanel and Cartier; however, the anticipated grand openings of the redesigned stores add to the allure and appeal of Rodeo Drive’s shopping experience. 

Renderings of the new Cartier (left) on Rodeo Drive and the new Chanel on Rodeo Drive show how the buildings will look once complete.


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