Holiday Champagne Finds at Héritage Fine Wines

The recent “Best of Beverly Hills” Golden Palm Winner, Heritage Fine Wines has been a cozy corner fixture on Canon for the past five years. This intimate wine and Champagne bar features a shiny black baby grand piano just in case singer John Legend pops by for an event or new release for his LVE wines which Heritage carries exclusively in 90210. 

Surrounded by walls of top vintages, Heritage serves food such as escargot, quiche and charcuterie, and its rooftop has become one of the top spots in town for local agencies and law firms to throw parities. Heritage’s French owner Jordane Andrieu, is the consummate host, with a signature style that includes bouncy long hair and suits with a silk hankerchief for that Continental flair. 

After moving to California to break from his family winery in Burgundy over seven years ago, he told the Courier that he “wanted to export my passion about wine. I wanted to do my own thing and Los Angeles was the best option.” 

The decision was three-fold for the wine connoisseur. “It was the best of my three worlds in France which is my hometown of Paris. [L.A.] It’s like a big city here very active and social. I have a house in Provence where I like to spend time and the weather here and beach reminds me of that quality of life. The proximity of all the wines in Santa Barbara, the hills, the nature, the hikes, or biking, that is my Burgundy world.” 

“This was the best place that I could see myself for a longtime, establish my business, export my knowledge and do what I love talking about wine and doing a business where I can really convert people to fine wines,” he added. 

Andrieu was originally looking for a location in West Hollywood but was surprised by the space on Canon Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. After meeting with the City of Beverly Hills (who owns the building), and presenting a business plan, he was in. “We are very different than what you would find in Beverly Hills,” he said. “You have classic places that have been here for ages, but clients tell me that we are like the Silver Lake of Beverly Hills. We bring a young, hipster, and friendly vibe. People come in here and end up knowing everyone in the restaurant before they leave and they keep coming back. This place is like my second, no first, home since I spend much more time here. I like having the lounge, restaurant and bar and now we are developing a veranda on the other side of the front window.” 

A year and a half ago, Andrieu entered a fruitful partnership with John Legend and French-born, Napa-based, Jean-Charles Boisset. “We created the JCB and John Legend Lounge. It’s the black area in the back of the restaurant where we have his piano. He will come to do meetings or just have fun. Sometimes he will play – and we have all his wines from Napa and Provence [in the room]. He really creates a blend, chooses the vineyard and is very involved in making a wine that represents himself. His wines are young, vibrant, round and lively. A lovely, cozy type of wine.” 

The selection at Heritage is very exclusive but has evolved from the old world into the new. “In the beginning, I was importing a lot of different wines from France and I always take biodynamic or natural wines with low sulfites. That is our selection here. No headache, guaranteed. I attach a big thing about selling a wine that is responsible. This is the mentality here. By changing the way of consuming, you encourage the producer to go organically. It’s not only a trend but it’s changing the ideas that we can make wine without using heavy chemicals that go into the soil.” 

“When you are a winemaker and you handle the vines, you understand how important it is to take care of your vines and your land as much as your children and family. It’s not just for a few years but for a lifetime. You are not going to feed them bad things full of chemicals. I’m proud that in Burgundy, it’s one of the highest rated organic wineries. It’s like a family of farmers who are so passionate about what they do.” 

Bottles at Heritage Photo by Carole Dixon

Jordane’s Holiday Champagne List and Tasting Notes 

Taittinger Brut La Française $60 

This is our best seller and I always serve it. It’s important to note that Tattinger is the name of the owner and it has not changed. This is their entry level bottle. Aged for four years on lees (the dead yeast cells and other particles remaining in a wine after fermentation.) They only use the first press of the grapes (some go up to three.) Fine bubbles are a key element with great fizziness. Chardonnay driven Champagne with freshness and it’s so vibrant. It’s elegant, crisp and feminine. I really like that in a champagne. For me, there is no better Champagne. 

Jingle Bubbles by John Legend $75 

Sparkling wine not made in Champagne but it’s a really good quality [bottle] from California. Blanc de Blanc made with only chardonnay grapes. Not too sweet. Fine bubbles. 

Billecard-Salmon Rosé $90 

A classic with consistent quality for $90. Blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay made in Champagne by a family owned vineyard – not a corporation. Recognized as one of the best in the business. You will find this on all gastronomic fine tables. 

Champagne Gala 2008 $95 

Also by, JCB, this is a good representative of high-quality champagne without the high price. Great packaging and a good one to bring for a holiday celebration. 

Champagne Lallier Grand Cru 2002, Late Disgorged $120 

This is a hidden gem. The price for the quality is really good. 2002 is among the best vintages for Champagne in the past 2-3 decades. Amazing elegance and finesse. Not heavy yet complex. Vibrant and unique. The magic of this Champagne is it’s almost 55 percent pinot noir, 45 percent chardonnay. It’s been aged 60 months on lees (equal to almost 14 years/168 months). They keep the wine in the cellar to gain complexity. For the finest champagne you need to wait and be patient. They do it for the beauty of making wine. 

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2007 $175 

Aged for almost 10 years, fine bubbles, only chardonnay. One of the finest blanc de blanc you will find in Champagne. Constant quality through the vintages. Very bright, elegant and feminine. Beautiful gift box one of our best sellers – especially for the holidays. At $175. you can compare this to Dom Perignon. I have a great relationship with the family, so when I drink this, I think about the good times that I have had with Clovis [Taittinger], like going fishing. 

Heritage Storage Tips for the perfect bottle you have just been gifted: 

The biggest mistake people make when receiving a nice bottle is putting the Champagne on (or over) the fireplace chimney and it gets cooked and destroyed. Or, its left on the display shelf since it’s a beautiful bottle but it attracts the light, heat and cold. So, when you open it a year later, it doesn’t taste the same. It always needs to be stored in a dark space that has no temperature change. If you don’t have a wine cooler or cellar, store it on the bottom of your pantry on its side. 

Héritage Fine Wines 

467 N. Canon Dr. 310-888-8042 


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