Gold and Bosse Endorsed by Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership PAC

The Board of Trustees of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership Political Action Committee (PAC) has endorsed Julian Gold and Lili Bosse for Beverly Hills City Council for the upcoming March 3 municipal election. 

In a press release, the PAC Board stated that it had “gotten to know the candidates from their involvement with the City of Beverly Hills and in the case of Julian Gold and Lili Bosse, from their time on the City Council. The PAC also conducted one-on- one interviews with each candidate to learn about their positions on issues facing the business community and their vision for the future.” 

The PAC is affiliated with, but acts independently of, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Its priorities include: 

• Ensuring Beverly Hills remains a first class destination for visitors and businesses in light of the major construction projects occurring in the area and changes to the business landscape such as online retail; 

• Reducing the time and cost it takes to get approval for developments and opening businesses; 

• Attracting new and exciting businesses, including top notch cultural and food attractions; and 

• Enhancing nightlife in areas (such as the Golden Triangle) that will not adversely impact residents. 

The release from the PAC also stated, “Julian Gold and Lili Bosse have shown strong judgment, character and dedication in their time on the City Council. Amongst other important achievements, both have shown dedication to key business issues, such as lowering parking requirements and fees, enhancing shopping after hours and considering ways to keep Beverly Hills relevant for the next generation. These actions in turn generate business revenue that supports the high quality of life that Beverly Hills residents enjoy. 

“The PAC believes that Julian Gold and Lili Bosse have the leadership qualities, temperament and skills to continue to tackle the key issues facing the City in the future and the ability to implement changes to support both the business and residential community in Beverly Hills.” 


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