Adopting a New Culture of Clean in the Restaurant Business

Cleanliness in the hospitality and restaurant industry is on high alert with the COVID-19 crisis, and having an ‘A’ displayed proudly in the front window has never been more important. During these uncertain times for the dining world, The A Specialist is also in high demand. 

Michael Harrison and his business provide daily and weekly restaurant kitchen cleaning to over 165 clients from Sacramento to San Diego. This includes monthly, quarterly and 911 emergencies. “When restaurants close at night, they are dirty. We scrub them from top to bottom. Every surface is cleaned,” Harrison informed the Courier. 

Some of those local clients have included top names in the industry, such as The Palm, Avra, The Ivy, The Henry, Nobu, Barton G., Cleo, Baltaire, Katsuya, S Bar, Akasha, Margot, and ABSteak, which just opened in the Beverly Center. 

So, what is Harrison and his company doing differently now that restaurants have been ordered to shut down and serve only take-out or delivery orders? 

“Good restaurants are a ‘culture of clean,'” said Harrison. “They clean all day but we go in and do a deep clean [after hours].” The crew was using over the counter industrial Lysol products previously. “They are good and kill viruses,” said Harrison. “But we are implementing a new special germ and virus free commercial cleaning product called Simix to all cleaning crews this week. We’ve rolled out anti-viral protocol and are doing a daily wiping down of all contact surfaces from door handles, bathrooms and other surfaces that are not just in the kitchen.” 

Simix also claims to remove black algae, mold, moss and other dirt from even your roof. “Good cleaning costs a little more but good companies demand it and want to get it right. We have contracts and send crews out seven days a week, 365 days a year,” he confirmed. 

According to Harrison, “It’s safer to go to a restaurant than a grocery store.” As for online ordering, some of the fast-casual chains under The A Specialist wing include Shake Shack and Burger Lounge. The bottom line is all the cleanliness guidelines for restaurants still need to apply even with delivery and take-out service only. 


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