New Two Rodeo Drive Artwork Pays Tribute to First Responders

Two Rodeo Drive has installed a piece of art designed to show appreciation for those working tirelessly on the public’s behalf during the COVID-19 pandemic. Created by local artist Alexandra Maghsoudi, the piece is entitled “Thankful Heart.” 

“The past three months have been very challenging for everyone, and we owe a debt of gratitude to our health care professionals, first responders and essential workers. We wanted to pay tribute to these individuals who have supported our community with their service by installing the ‘Thankful Heart’ art installation at Two Rodeo Drive,” Sam Kim, marketing manager for CBRE, Inc. at Two Rodeo Drive told the Courier. 

The vibrant blue metal, wood and acrylic work is scheduled to be on display through the end of August. Already, it is attracting the attention of tourists and shoppers as an “Instagrammable” photo opportunity. Maghsoudi, whose Instagram handle is @A_Splash_of_Lux, explained her inspiration for the piece.

“Two Rodeo Drive commissioned me to create this sculpture to show appreciation for all frontline heroes facing unimaginable challenges every day. The individual acrylic tiles come together as a puzzle, creating a heart. This aims to symbolize the importance of unity and alignment within the community as we work to overcome this pandemic. The shades of blue are to offer a sense of calm, reflection and stability. As we’ve all been navigating these uncertain times, our thoughts have constantly been on the first responders dealing with this firsthand and we wanted to share our appreciation for them.” 


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