Epic Visionary Women Summit For International Women’s Day

Visionary Women’s 2021 Virtual International Women’s Day Summit on March 4 was an extraordinarily inspiring, empowering and unforgettable event. Its central message conveyed the importance of women amplifying their voices toward gender equality and problem solving, and in so doing, accelerating the process toward positive, unifying change. Divided into three panels, “Vision for Equality,”  “Vision for Peace” and “Vision for Unity,” some of the world’s leading, accomplished and influential women including Nobel Peace laureates, national journalists, philanthropists, CEOs and heads of state weighed in and shared their life experiences. The intimate conversations with these visionary phenoms made it easy to feel and contextualize the tremendous power women generate when they come together to share, to support, and to mentor.

 Visionary Women Co-Founder and Beverly Hills Councilperson Lili Bosse told the Courier, “Today’s summit was the quickest two hours I have ever experienced. Watching these iconic trailblazing changemakers gives the sense that truly positive change is possible when open hearted, open minded, bold women come together with a shared vision. I feel energized and ready.”

 The sentiment shared by Bosse was particularly evident during the panel featuring Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice. Both described their personal experiences, their unifying thoughts, and how they shattered the glass ceiling before, during and after their astonishing journeys as the 64th and 66th Secretaries of State, respectively.

 After the event, Visionary Women Co-founder Angela Nazarian said, “I am overwhelmed by the positive response of our community. This proves that our message of unity and finding common ground has struck a chord with our audience.”

 If you missed this profound and extremely enlightening two hours, do not worry. It will be available for free “on demand” Monday, March 8, International Women’s Day! https://www.visionarywomen.com/ 

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