Council Honors Commissioners, Beverly Hilton

At the beginning of its Aug. 3 formal meeting, the Beverly Hills City Council offered plaques and fond words for new and outgoing commissioners, as well as The Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

They welcomed Karla Gordy Bristol as its new Arts and Culture Commissioner, and bade a fond farewell to outgoing Arts and Culture Commissioner Michael Smooke and Charitable Solicitations Commissioner Pam Kraushaar. 

Later in the evening as part of the Consent Calendar, the Council approved the appointments of Zachary Sokoloff, Kathy Bronte, and Kandace Lindsey-Cerqueira to the Rent Stabilization Commission, roles the Commission has been trying to fill since two commissioners unexpectedly resigned in April. The three new commissioners did not address the Council.

The Council started off by welcoming Karla Gordy Bristol, a talent and events producer who hosts the “Beverly Hills View” public affairs show on BHTV, among many other endeavors. Recently, Gordy Bristol helped bring in live entertainment for the Sing For Hope Pianos kickoff event on Aug. 5 at The Wallis. 

“I’m very honored and happy to do this for my city, which I’ve been living in since ’71,” Gordy said. “I look forward to many great events in the city, and perpetuating culture and following my predecessors, who did a remarkable job on the Commission during their term, and I hope I can do the same.” 

The Council then honored outgoing Commissioner Michael Smooke, a real estate development attorney who helped oversee the Commission’s transition from the Fine Arts Commission to the Arts and Culture Commission. 

“It has been a great privilege and honor to serve as a commissioner in Beverly Hills,” Smoke said. “The ACC is truly one of the most important commissions because it elevates the everyday life experience of our citizens and workers and guests by making art and culture thrive in Beverly Hills. Thank you for allowing me to serve my city.” 

Finally, council members honored outgoing Charitable Solicitations Commissioner Pam Kraushaar, an administrative assistant for the office of BHUSD Superintendent Michael Bregy. 

“We are a small but mighty commission…our charge is to help protect the citizens from fraudulent charities,” Kraushaar said. “I just want to thank everyone, and I already miss my fellow Commissioners. It was very enjoyable, and I just love giving back to the city in any way I can.”

Council members also recognized the Beverly Hilton, which worked with the Community Services Department to deliver nutritious meals to over 200 seniors every single weekday for 14 months during the pandemic as part of its Senior Meals Delivery Program. Beverly Hilton Hotel Manager Michael Robertson accepted a proclamation of appreciation, alongside Food and Beverage Director Alberico Nunziata. 

“We want to always be an active member of the community, but I also want to thank you on behalf of these team members, because it gave work opportunities to many of our long-tenured staff, and the ability to have a secure and stable home for their families,” Robertson said. “I want to thank you all for that trust.” 

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