Piling Work Continues at UCLA

Metro contractors began pile installation in UCLA Lot 36 to support the walls underground for the Purple Line’s future Westwood/UCLA Station. The piling at Lot 36 will take about three weeks, and will be followed by piling on Wilshire Boulevard, between Westwood Boulevard and Veteran Avenue. Each week, construction notices will be updated online, as the work will be done in stages. Works hours will be from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for drilling activities, and 9 -11 p.m. for maintenance. 

There will be intermittent lane reductions on  Wilshire Boulevard and Veteran Avenue as deliveries come to Lot 36. Access to driveways, residences and businesses will not be impacted, unless notified in advance. For more information, contact metro.net/purple. 

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