Holiday Banners Unveiled for Beverly Hills

As part of the 2021 holiday season decor, new seasonal street pole banner designs will be installed throughout the city this November. At the Sept. 27 Rodeo Drive/Special Events/Holiday Program Committee meeting, Council Liaisons Mayor Robert Wunderlich and Vice Mayor Lili Bosse reviewed and selected “Gifts from the City: Wrapped presents–from the city, with love” as a holiday design concept for the next three years. 

The new designs feature playful text and photorealistic elements imposed over vibrant blues, pinks, greens, and oranges that aim to attract the attention of pass-through traffic. The city uses these high visibility outdoor advertisements to celebrate the season and encourage passersby to shop, dine and stay in Beverly Hills. The personalized pole banners include “Merry and Bright” with coral snowflakes, acorns, and wrapped gifts; “Festival of Lights” with a Hanukkah menorah and dreidels; “Christmas Delight” with gold ornaments and “Sparkle Tonight” with champagne bottles and flutes for New Year’s Eve. On the opposite side of each design reads “xoxo BH” in gold lettering, with the Beverly Hills shield’s reflective gold texture amplified and the BOLD logo at the bottom. Pending approval from the full City Council on Oct. 12, the new designs will be installed citywide by Nov. 18–except for Rodeo Drive, which has its own holiday banners. 

The street pole banners that are currently in place throughout the Business Triangle display the “Welcome to” banner campaign with images of the lily pond or a couple in a convertible driving down Rodeo Drive, among others. During the 2020 holidays, the #BHHealthyCity COVID-19 messaging banners were up, and holiday banners were not installed. In 2017, the BOLD Holiday banners were designed and used during 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

“My goal is to have a similar experience as we did with the last BOLD banners, where it would last at least for three years, as well,” Bosse said. “I think it’s whimsical, and yet traditional. I find it interesting. I appreciate that you’ve taken the direction from the Council to make sure that we include Hanukkah, and that we have holidays.”

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