Favorite Daughter Opens in Beverly Hills

Just in time for the holidays, sisters Erin and Sara Foster opened the first brick-and-mortar store for their women’s clothing brand, Favorite Daughter, in Beverly Hills. The store, which officially opened on Dec. 13 at 346 North Beverly Drive, features a feather chandelier by artist Maurice Harris of Bloom & Plume floral design in Echo Park, lush light pink carpeting and a bright mix of art deco furniture. 

The daughters of Grammy-winning producer David Foster launched Favorite Daughter in December 2020. Prior to entering the design world, they had already acquired a following by starring in the 2015 reality TV show “Barely Famous” and hosting the podcast “The World’s First Podcast.”

The sisters spoke to the Courier about their latest venture.

“The reason we chose Beverly Hills for our store location is that we want to appeal to women who want to be at the center of fashion, but don’t always feel included in it because of price point,” the Fosters told the Courier. “We want someone to be able to come to a store right smack in the middle of Beverly Hills and feel part of the fashion culture, if they want to be.”

While the women’s ready-to-wear brand is only a year old, they have already cultivated a loyal consumer base among those seeking luxury items at a more affordable price point. 

“Our goal was to make high quality clothes, with trend forward looks, but at a cost that is more attainable,” the sisters said. The store is stocked with $300 cashmere sweaters, the $218 high-waisted wide leg “favorite pant” and even the constantly sold-out $198 Tower super-high-rise jeans.

According to Todd Johnson, President and CEO of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, many businesses in the city are surpassing their 2019 earnings. “I think people still see Beverly Hills as a viable and ultimately, the cream of the crop, to be able to open a business in,” Johnson told the Courier. “Having a business in Beverly Hills is still very alluring to many people.”

“Starting a business in a pandemic was interesting for sure,” the Fosters told the Courier. “We chased the lounge trend for a minute, and launched with a masked hoodie that was innovative and gave a huge pop to our business. But as the desire to forget the pandemic rose, we evolved with it and ditched our masked lounge and focused on how excited we all have been to be back out in the world. Our business has been doing great, and the response from people has been incredibly exciting. We credit our success to listening to people. We open every message, listen to every piece of criticism, adjust and pivot when needed, and create the clothes women tell us they want and need. We’re really proud of how fast it’s grown.” 

Favorite Daughter storefront at 346 North Beverly Drive. Photo courtesy of Favorite Daughter.
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