Junior Chefs Take Part in Reality TV Cooking Competition

Beverly Vista Middle School (BVMS) students took part in the Beverly Hills Junior Chef competition on March 8, cooking up creative dishes in 90 minutes with a mystery box of ingredients. The competition was held at Beverly Hills High School (BHHS) and livestreamed on the student television station, KBEV. The event was the culmination of a six-week long interdisciplinary Gifted and Talented Education enrichment program that merged students interested in media production and culinary arts. More than 20 BVMS cooking students and 10 BVMS media students participated, working with chef Rick Leece from the school’s culinary program, Media Director Romeo Carey and Assistant Media Director Ricky Lee. Culinary students were placed on teams and judged on the presentation, flavor, and texture of their creations. The winning team consisted of BHHS students Kiley Davidson, Madison Chen and Chase Chen.

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