Nusr-Et Tent Permit Issues Move Toward Resolution

After hearing updates regarding mitigation efforts between Nusr-Et restaurant at 184-88 N. Canon Drive and the owners of the neighboring Fred Hayman building at its March 15 Study Session, the Beverly Hills City Council conditionally approved the extension of their OpenBH permit that allows for use of its temporary outdoor dining tent through Dec. 31, 2022.

The move comes after the City Council denied Nusr-Et’s previous extension request on March 1 after concerns were raised around increased litter, loitering, lack of parking, aesthetics, and Nusr-Et’s tent structure, which extends beyond its own leased property line, encroaching into the roadway directly in front of the landmark commercial office space, the Fred Hayman building. City staff presented three resolutions proposed by both parties that include a reduction in tent size, a change to valet hours and an update to the aesthetics outside of the temporary structure. However, while the terms have been agreed upon, nothing has yet to be signed or formally submitted for permitting. If an agreement is not reached and agreed upon in writing by both parties by the end of the month, Nusr-Et’s outdoor dining tent permit will expire on April 1, 2022.

According to the city’s Marketing and Economic Sustainability Manager, Laura Biery, “they are very close” to reaching a deal. While larger concerns around aesthetics, tent size and parking have been settled, “there are one or two items that they are still trying to get a resolution on.”

“There’s the commitment on the part of our city engineer and our city staff to move those permits along quickly and swiftly,” Biery added.

“We’re trying to work through some solutions and see how we can be a good neighbor,” a representative from the Fred Hayman building said during the meeting. “However, we want to make sure that we have everything agreed upon before the permit expires.”

In the proposal, the tent would be reduced 18 to 20 feet in size. The reduction would occur after plans are reviewed and approved by staff following the typical permitting processes. Once the permit is issued, the work can begin. Additionally, the city’s Public Works Department traffic engineer would add a loading zone in front of the Fred Hayman building at 190 N. Canon.

In the proposed reduction to valet hours, operations would begin at 5 p.m., after Pacific Premier Bank at 192 N. Canon Drive closes and once dinner operations resume. Since Spago is only open for dinner, the reduction in valet hours would only affect Nusr-Et’s lunch hours. Currently, Spago and Nusr-Et share their valet services as well as a city issued valet permit. According to city staff, there would need to be a mutual agreement with the valet company to seek a new permit that reflects the agreed upon time. The bank parking would be kept in front of the building when valet is not in use.

The third resolution proposed was an update for the traffic control equipment and signage to be more aesthetically pleasing and look less like a temporary road closure. City staff will work on creating new signage that effectively shows that the road is closed.

“We know that they want to make the place look a little bit better,” Steve Magnus, representing Nusr-Et, said at the meeting. “We will bring that to our ownership and see what they can do to help with that particular area, and hopefully this will meet all your qualifications of what you’ve asked.”

At the City Council’s direction, Nusr-Et will have a few days beyond the March 31 deadline to reach a signed agreement with stakeholders. “I would support extending the time period through the end of the calendar year as we did for others as long as the conditions are met,” Mayor Wunderlich said.

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