Human Relations Commission Condemns Inappropriate Behavior at Forum

The Beverly Hills Human Relations Commission has written a letter regarding the Beverly Hills North Homeowners Association/ Municipal League of Beverly Hills Candidate Forum that took place last week. The letter was provided exclusively to the Courier in the hopes of “spreading the message for civility and positive human relations.” It follows below:

On behalf of the Beverly Hills Human Relations Commission, we condemn the behavior displayed by Mr. Tannenbaum at the North Homeowners Association and Municipal League forum on April 27, 2022. Mr. Tannenbaum’s “cross examination” of Lester Friedman was not only inappropriate but also in direct conflict with our City’s Civility Pledge.

Our City fosters positive human relations in all aspects of community life. We urge all members of this community, including Mr. Tannenbaum, to support an environment where civility, respect, and responsible actions prevail. We have fought against bullying in all of its forms and it is disheartening to see any member of our community display this type of conduct.

The Human Relations Commission does not tolerate bullying, aggressiveness or unkind behavior; we believe Mr. Tannenbaum owes a sincere apology to not only Mr. Friedman but to the other candidates whose time was wasted and to all of the community members who were embarrassed by this behavior.

2022 Human Relations Commission

Chair Rhoda J. Sharp

Vice Chair Noelle Freeman

Commissioner Laura Margo

Commissioner Vered Nisim

Commissioner Rose Kaiserman

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