Dear Beverly Hills Courier,

As a (some would say resolutely) gay man and a former Human Relations Commissioner, I am thrilled that Beverly Hills is considering marking Pride Month. I think the lighting at City Hall and a concert at the Annenberg are wonderful ideas. But at this late date I think that ship has sailed as far as Pride 2022. West Hollywood‘s Pride celebration and parade is back after a two year absence and will be on the weekend of the 5th while CSW (Christopher Street West, the former producer of West Hollywood’s festival) will be doing a separate event at LA Historic Park on the 11th. If Beverly Hills wishes to mark Pride Month with more robust celebrations, then it would be better served to plan for 2023. In the mean time reminders in gay and lesbian publications such as the Advocate, Out or online publications such as Queerty reminding LGBTQ+ travelers and locals that Beverly Hills is open, welcoming, and unparalleled for dining, shopping, and culture, for Pride Month and every other month.

Tom Pease

Beverly Hills

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