Suspects in April Beverly Hills Robbery Sentenced

Four suspects arrested in connection with an armed robbery this spring have been sentenced for their crimes. 

In late April of this year, Beverly Hills Police Department responded to an armed robbery on the 6900 block of Wilshire Boulevard. 

Assailants had grabbed a victim around the neck, threatened the victim with an unknown object and took property before fleeing. 

Three suspects were initially arrested after police officers and detectives identified and found the suspect vehicle via private and city-owned cameras. The fourth suspect was identified through a follow-up investigation. 

The suspects were sentenced as follows: 

Keith Clark pleaded guilty to robbery and received three years and a second strike for being on parole.

Milton Course pleaded guilty to grand theft and was sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Nicholas Henry pleaded guilty to armed robbery. He received one strike and was sentenced to three years probation with time served.

Tyree Dixon pleaded guilty to robbery and received a four-year sentence.