Record Audience Expected for An Evening with the Mayor Sept. 28

Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse will deliver the annual State of the City Address at “An Evening with the Mayor” on Sept. 28 at the historic Greystone Mansion. Presented by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, the sold-out event is expected to attract a record-setting number of attendees. 

“We should have close to 700 people, which is the largest audience I’ve seen. It is certainly the largest Chamber event we’ve had this calendar year. We’re very excited to see everyone coming out for this,” Todd Johnson, President and CEO of the Chamber, told the Courier. 

The evening traditionally brings together government, business, and law enforcement leaders, as well as residents primed to hear about city initiatives. Networking is a key component of the event, as evidenced by the fact that the program begins with a mixer from 4:30-6 p.m. 

Launched in 2002, “An Evening with the Mayor” is also shaped by the times. In 2020, the gathering was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following year, Mayor Robert Wunderlich spoke in terms of a city bouncing back. 

Next week, that vibrant business environment will no doubt take center stage. 

“This Council is very business friendly and has been for the last several years. That is something that cities around us cannot necessarily say. We have great projects in the works, including Cheval Blanc, One Beverly Hills and the Hudson Bay project,” noted Johnson. 

Bosse describes it in terms of “a wonderful story to tell about our city.” Speaking to the Courier this week, she points to the city’s recent qualification as a finalist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation “Most Business-Friendly City Award.” 

“There are so many other things, as well to talk about,” she added. 

“My Business with Bosse and 60-Second Shoutouts are all about giving a boost to the local businesses. We know that during the hardest times our community came together to support restaurants and retail here. Look at the OpenBH program with all the people dining on the streets now. We are known as a city where businesses feel at home, and I think we are a model for other cities in that regard,” Bosse said. 

Johnson couldn’t agree more. 

“We’re definitely going to see continued growth in the city. We’re looking forward to the holiday events, which will be strong. We’re going to participate in Small Businesses Saturday after Thanksgiving. We may emphasize Brighton Way because there are many small businesses there.”

Noting that the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its centennial in 2023, Johnson said the path is clear for many more engaging events.

Bosse, however, is clearly the reason for the overwhelming interest in “An Evening with the Mayor” next week. 

“Lili is full of energy and has an optimistic attitude. She is very pro-business and people are attracted to that, without question,” said Johnson. 

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