Mayor and Fire Chief Promote Nurse Practitioner Program

Last week, Mayor Dr. Gold traveled to Sacramento to attend the League of California Cities annual City Leaders Summit to speak about the Beverly Hills Nurse Practitioner Program (NPP) and the plans to expand its services. The Mayor was joined by Beverly Hills Fire Chief Greg Barton, Beverly Hills Medical Director Dr. Marc Cohen, as well as EMS Administrator Sean Stokes. The summit is the first of many that the mayor, Chief Barton and staff will attend to bring more awareness to the benefits of the program. Upcoming speaking engagements in May include the California Contract Cities Association in Indian Wells and the Congressional Fire Service Institute in Washington, D.C.  

“Our Nurse Practitioner Program is the beginning of the future of community-based medicine,” said Gold. “We are leading this pilot program to demonstrate to the country how we can put less stress on our hospitals and effectively give the care that is needed to our residents where they are at home. As we seek programs which support aging in place, it is imperative that we develop solutions like this one.” 

The City’s NPP has been in place since 2019, and currently serves as a Mobile Integrated Healthcare solution that responds to low acuity emergency calls and attends to those needing treatment in their home, addresses chronic conditions and reduces the reliance on the emergency department so that fire suppression resources can be made available. At the City Council Meeting on April 18 the mayor and City Council approved additional funding for the program.