Suspects in Attempted Burglary at Gearys Arrested

A drone led Beverly Hills police to two suspects who were arrested for an unsuccessful burglary attempt during business hours at Gearys Beverly Hills on Beverly Drive.

At 3:18 p.m. Aug. 5, police arrested the suspects —Juan Diego Hernandez-Martinez, 25, of Rancho Cucamonga, and Yogani Bibani Chitiva, 42, of West Covina, according to Capt. Max Subin of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Subin told the Courier that the suspects have been released from jail and will be arraigned on Aug. 31 in Division W30 at the LAX Courthouse.

The suspects were using screwdrivers to get into a display case and steal Rolex watches at approximately 3 p.m. Aug. 5.

According to Subin, the suspects fled from the store when they were unsuccessful in their attempt to open the display case. He said they were “brazen” in thinking they could just walk into a store when it’s open on a Saturday afternoon and commit a burglary in broad daylight.

Police, listening to Live 911, were self-dispatched and arrived at the scene. Subin said the arrests were made within a half-hour of the 911 call with the assistance of the drone, closed-circuit TV cameras and the Real Time Watch Center.

“The drones have been very effective,”

Subin said, noting a pilot can move a drone to a crime scene by the time police arrive. He explained the drones have been useful both in apprehending suspects and de-escalating crises by providing police with more information. For example, police may get a report that a suspect is armed, but a drone could show that isn’t the case, Subin said.

“We started the drones back in December 2021. The program really took off mid-year of 2022,” said Subin.

He said the department today flies drones 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Subin also noted that the Live 911 program, in which police officers in the field have access to 911 calls, is also making a difference. “Police officers on the ground, coupled with drones, closed-circuit cameras and Live 911, are making Beverly Hills a safer community.”