April 3 Coffee with a Cop a Big Success

Beverly Hills residents and officers gathered around hot coffee and pastries on April 3 for this year’s second installment of Coffee with a Cop. Hosted at Beverly Hills Market & Deli, the event fostered engaging conversations and strengthened community ties. From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., locals dropped by the quaint market to enjoy a cup of coffee and connect with members of the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD). 

The event was a big success, with a turnout of about 75 people and roughly 10 local officers over the course of the morning. The Beverly Hills Fire Department also made an appearance, with firemen in full uniform presenting their fire inspection program, fire safety education materials, as well as other safety initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety of its residents. 

Chief of Police Mark Stainbrook told the Courier he was grateful for the opportunity to interact with residents in a casual setting. “Often, our encounters with police officers occur in less-than-ideal circumstances. Sharing a cup of coffee humanizes them and creates a warm environment for conversation,” he said. 

Since its inception by the Hawthorne Police Department in 2011, Coffee with a Cop has burgeoned into a nationwide initiative, nurturing stronger bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve. “This is a chance to get to know our officers as people and for us to answer questions in a non-confrontational setting,” Stainbrook said. 

Cosmetic dentist and Beverly Hills resident Dr. Jonathan Gabai said he attended the event because he values the sense of community and security he feels from the BHPD. 


BHPD Sergeants Drummond and Kim at the event
Photo by Paula Neri

“I’ve always felt a sense of warmth and safety from the BHPD,” Gabai said. “Their presence in the community has always reassured me, and events like these only strengthen that feeling. It’s comforting to know they’re here for us.” 

Community Relations Unit Sgt. Jeffrey Newman highlighted the event’s role in educating the public about the BHPD’s ongoing initiatives. He mentioned the city’s extensive surveillance network, comprising over 2500 cameras, automated license plate readers, and drones patrolling the city for 12 hours daily, particularly during peak hours of criminal activity. Attendees were captivated by the three impressive drones, all of which are utilized daily in Beverly Hills.  

“These technological advances have helped us significantly in addressing our primary public safety concerns, like traffic management, homelessness and general crime,” Newman said. 

Among the many showcased initiatives was the Citizen Police Academy (CPA), an exclusive program for Beverly Hills residents aimed at fostering trust and communication by familiarizing them with the daily aspects of law enforcement. 

“The eight-week program consists of 11 meetups, during which participants engage in activities like basic law courses, firearms training and ride-alongs with the BHPD,” Newman said. Upon completion of the program, members are presented with a distinguished coin as a token of appreciation for their active involvement. 

Former CPA member and Health and Safety Commissioner of Beverly Hills, Cathy Baker told the Courier that the program made a deep impact on her. 

“The Citizen Police Academy has changed my life in so many ways. If people were as informed and educated about law enforcement as the people in this city are, we could cultivate much stronger relationships with our police nationwide,” Baker said.   

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