Architect Hamid Omrani Declares 2024 City Council Candidacy

Longtime Beverly Hills resident and home designer Hamid Omrani has become one of the final candidates to enter the race for the hotly contested City Council seats in the March 2024 election. 

The experienced architect is running a somewhat unorthodox campaign, seeking to shake up the status quo of what people consider necessary to run for council.

Omrani, for example, has not spent time serving on a commission. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of his years appearing before them as he has shepherded numerous projects through the approvals of the Design Review Commission, Architecture Commission, Planning Commission and City Council.

When it comes to being an effective City Council member, he told the Courier, he considers the most important factor to be the professional skills one brings to the table.

“I have been deeply involved in numerous projects and community affairs advocating for the integrity of our community for current and future generations,” he said in his campaign announcement. “My involvement with city staff, events and initiatives has equipped me with a wealth of experiences to bring to the City Council.”

He believes his extensive development experience to be precisely what the council needs as it struggles to meet the state’s ambitious housing requirements.

The city is currently at risk of losing local zoning control as its plan to create capacity for over 3,100 new units by 2029, as mandated by the state, has yet to receive approval from the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

Omrani has reviewed the requirements and developed his own plan for the city to come into compliance with HCD’s demands. 

“My vision revolves around intelligent planning, repurposing underutilized structures, and identifying areas where positive outcomes can be achieved for property owners, the city, and the community at large,” he said in his campaign announcement. “I believe in creating win-win situations where state mandates are met, and everyone involved reaps the benefits.”

He welcomes anyone who would like to hear more details to visit his corporate headquarters and chat in person. 

Omrani received his master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at Tehran University. He moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to escape the Iranian Revolution. 

He has been a proud member of the Beverly Hills community for over 40 years and known for the opulent “Persian Palace” style homes he has designed for many of its residents. In 1995, he served on Mayor Vicki Reynolds’ Economic Advisory Committee.

In addition to his desire to promote intelligent development, he seeks to bolster public safety. He wants the city to not only continue investing in the latest policing technology, but also invest in hiring more officers to serve as boots on the ground.

Omrani is also interested in establishing a community college in Beverly Hills, which he said would help bring more young people into the aging city. He seeks to leverage the high concentration of wealth, talent and knowledge in the community to create a top-notch educational institution. 

“In the face of rapid changes worldwide, our community must adapt with caution, thoughtfulness and a studious approach,” he said. “Beverly Hills is not just a location; it is our home.”

“We must collectively exercise the same diligence and care as we would in our own family homes.”