City Council Approves New Rooftop Restaurant at L’Ermitage Hotel

The Beverly Hills City Council has unanimously approved L’Ermitage Beverly Hills’ application for a new rooftop restaurant and expanded ground floor restaurant.

While several of the city’s luxury hotels currently feature rooftop restaurants, L’Ermitage is located within a residential area where such uses are not permitted and needed a zoning amendment to move forward with its dining dreams. 

The amendment allows the hotel to bring a kitchen, bar and full-service restaurant to its roof; extend its dining hours; and add new dining space to its ground floor. The approval comes with 33 conditions designed to mitigate noise, parking and privacy impacts to the surrounding neighborhood. 

“I think you have done an excellent job of getting out there, speaking to the residents, really getting input from them, seeing what’s important to them, and you’ve made it an exciting place where people can come and visit and dine,” said Councilmember Sharona Nazarian, addressing L’Ermitage management. “What I heard tonight over and over again is that you want to be a part of the community and I think this would be a great benefit to our community.”

L’Ermitage began the process of seeking approval for its dining expansion three years ago in an effort to maintain its competitiveness within a market of some of the world’s foremost luxury hotels. 

“This zoning text amendment before you and modification to the existing entitlements will allow L’Ermitage to remain competitive in today’s hospitality landscape,” said L’Ermitage General Manager Scott Berger. “These updates will allow the hotel to take full advantage of existing facilities by creating additional dining options that our clients expect, and our competitors already offer.”

The Feb. 6 City Council meeting was flooded with speeches and letters of support for the proposed expansion of L’Ermitage.

“I went around with a petition to all my neighbors and most of my neighbors on my block on Foothill [Road] were happy to sign and support their expansion and all I can say is I truly believe that this is a good thing for them and a good thing for the city,” said local resident Lou Parra. 

The hotel has worked to build a strong relationship with the surrounding community by welcoming them to come and discuss the proposed restaurant expansion at any time. It also offers local residents benefits such as meal discounts and complimentary valet services.

Councilmembers were struck by how strong the relationship has become between the hotel and neighborhood and the number of residents who came to the City Council meeting to speak in favor of the L’Ermitage. 

“I can’t remember a time where we sat here and heard the neighborhood come out in support of a business like this,” said Mayor Dr. Julian Gold. “I tip my hat to you [L’Ermitage management], whatever you have done you have done right.”